Liplase Laser

Liplase Laser Treatment For Lips

LipLase, a specialist laser treatment for lips, is the latest non-invasive, non-surgical lip plumping procedure, creating a more natural-looking result than a dermal filler, which can sometimes give you “duck lips!”It can also help define lip shape by enhancing the cupid’s bow.

LipLase is lip volumisation that stimulates collagen regeneration through the use of laser energy, resulting in fuller, smoother lips.


  1. Instant increased volume plumping and hydration of the lips.
  2. Decreased wrinkles around the mouth.
  3. Lightens lips colour to a more pinkish tone
  4. Defines the cupid’s bow
  5. treatments in a series are recommended for optimal long-lasting results. This treatment stimulates your natural collagen production, so maintenance from time to time is encouraged to maintain your new plumped lips.

How It Works

LipLase uses laser that works on the deep layers of the lips and stimulate collagen production. The outside of the lips and surrounding skin is treated along with the inner lips to stimulate collagen from both sides. This ensures the lips are left fuller, smoother and more youthful. There is no downtime or risk of bruising.