Derma Pen

Are you thinking about Derma Pen ?

The derma pen treatment is the beauty industry’s holy grail. It’s a very versatile treatment that can improve and help treat a very wide range of skin conditions. It uses the skin’s natural mechanisms to give you a flawless complexion and more youthful appearance, or diminish a number of imperfections like scarring of various origins, hyperpigmentation, even thinning hair.

A form of microneedling done with a microneedling pen, it’s one of the go-to anti-aging treatments, as it’s nonsurgical and non-invasive.

What Skin Conditions To Be Treated ?

fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin
Dull skin
Acne scars
Scarring of various origins on the face and body
Stretch marks on any body part
Large pores
Sun damage (sun spots)
Thinning hair